where it all began

I tasted the first homebrewed beer in 2008, during one of the traditional Sunday lunches (la Famiglia!) we use to have in Italy. A friend of mine brought over that labeless brown bottle that we normally use to bottle homemade tomato sauce (yes...we do not only homebrew, tomato sauce is one of ancient culinary tradition in the Italian countryside areas).

I felt amazed more from the story I was hearing than by the taste of that homebrewed beer: a group of friends had built a small brewing equipment in a cellar and were producing beer at home!!! It blew my mind!!

From that day on I couldn't stop thinking about it and I wanted to try it myself. It hasn't been easy, it took months to fully understand any single step of the process...reading books and searching informations on the Internet about the brewing process: beer styles, ingredients, fermentation. At the same time, me and my brewing friends Giovanni, Francesco and Andrea tasted almost any beer style we could lay our hands on and attempted a couple of brews with malt extract.

With the help of my father and some friends (carpenters, plumbers and other crazy people) we built our first brewhouse (it wasn't a brewhouse but we loved to call it this way...), and started brewing. From the first homebrewed beer to nowadays almost ten years have passed and this passion is nothing but growing.

That's why I decided to create the Project Eugen Artisan Ales.

Manuel Bartolacci